Protecting the Protectors: Bravecto®’s Part in Rhino Conservation

Protecting the Protectors: Bravecto®‘s Part in Rhino Conservation This magnificent mammal has been the subject of legends for around four centuries. Despite their size and appearance, they are actually kindly, gentle giants by nature, whose favourite pastime is playing in the mud. Their diet consists of vegetation in large amounts, which assists in fertilising the

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Working Dogs

“Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work we go!’ In our last blog, we talked about the difference between service and working dogs. We discussed specifically the important work done by service dogs, who are usually ‘helping companions’ for people with disabilities. For example: guide dogs for the blind; mobility assistance dogs, hearing dogs,

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Cats: The Golden Years

Cats: The Golden Years You know what it’s like… you brought home that tiny little ball of fluff and before you know it, several years have flown by; you do your multiplication and realise that you may have a ‘senior’ kitty on your hands. You check for impending signs of old age, but you can’t

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Canine Vector-Borne Diseases

Canine Vector-Borne Diseases What are vector-borne diseases? Vector-borne diseases – VBDs – are carried by fleas and ticks and may spread from these parasites to humans. These diseases are also called ‘zoonotic’. VBDs spread, from one animal to another, by the vector parasitic organisms – such as ticks, fleas, sandflies and mosquitoes. –  which carry diseases or

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Cats and play

Cats and play We challenge you to watch a kitten playing with a leaf and not feel some of her joy. Many psychologists recommend that their patients try to ‘live in the moment’ and to practise ‘mindfulness’ by focusing on the present’ in order to relieve their stress and anxiety. That kitten, as with all

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