Cats and Hot Weather

Cats and Hot Weather Like humans and dogs, cats can suffer from too much heat. Cats love to find a warm spot to sleep on or take a nap on a sunny windowsill, but as temperatures rise, they may overheat which may be dangerous for them. There are precautions you can take to ensure that […]

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Kitty communication!

Kitty communication! What kitty human parent doesn’t talk to their furry feline?  Most of us assume ‘baby talk’ voices when chatting to our kitties and we would be most embarrassed if a fellow human heard us: “Come my wittle nou-nou, Mommy’s got some dewicious foodies for you!” and “Who’s the bestest/loveliest/cutest/ handsomest boy in all […]

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Tummy Troubles in Cats

Tummy Troubles in Cats Cats, like us, can suffer from occasional stomach discomfort, which is just as uncomfortable for them as it is for us. We need to be able to know when the symptoms suggest something serious. Surely I should respect my kitty’s privacy? Cats, like us, prefer to be alone when relieving themselves. […]

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Declawing Demythed

Declawing Demythed Help! My cat is shredding my furniture! A familiar cry. A dearly-beloved cat can become a menace when it shreds our furniture into ribbons. Perhaps our immediate reaction, particularly when this happens frequently, is to say, “I’m taking that **** cat to be declawed.” It sounds like a simple solution to the problem, […]

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Cats and exercise

Cats and exercise Do I really need to exercise my cat? Just as humans need to exercise to stay well and healthy, so our cats need to exercise every day. This will ensure that kitty’s weight is kept down and all that pent-up energy is worked off. Cats can also get bored which can lead […]

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