Dog Activities

Dogs and exercise

Dogs and exercise How important is it to exercise my dog? Just as humans need to exercise to stay well and healthy, so our dogs need to exercise regularly. This will ensure that poochie’s weight is kept down and all that pent-up energy is worked off. Physical activity can help to make your dog live […]

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All About Indoor Dogs

All About Indoor Dogs Bev is a single woman, working online, from home. She gets a bit lonely sometimes and has considered getting a small dog as a furry companion. But she has misgivings about keeping a dog indoors: Is it cruel? Will the dog wreck her smart apartment? How can she manage to give […]

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How to holiday with pets

How to holiday with pets Getting “away from it all” is something we all look forward to but deciding what to do with our fur-kids can be a tough decision that requires looking at all the options. Luckily we’ve done the ground work for you. Read on to get the down low on pet holiday […]

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