Dog Health

All About Indoor Dogs

All About Indoor Dogs Bev is a single woman, working online, from home. She gets a bit lonely sometimes and has considered getting a small dog as a furry companion. But she has misgivings about keeping a dog indoors: Is it cruel? Will the dog wreck her smart apartment? How can she manage to give […]

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Dogs: Eye Problems

Dogs: Eye Problems If you look into your dog’s expressive eyes, you will see many emotions. If, unfortunately, your dog developed eye problems, he or she would not be able to communicate with you as well and could even lose his/her sight. Early detection and treatment may result in a good outcome. Dogs’ eye structure […]

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Walking Your Dog

Walking Your Dog Those of us who have dogs know that walking is good for them, physically and mentally. The exercise is beneficial and they get mental stimulation from being outdoors, sniffing at neighbours’ gates and plants, with great enthusiasm. We also benefit physically from the exercise and psychologically from being outside with our furry […]

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