Pools, Pooches and Purries!

Pools, Pooches and Purries! Summer has arrived and there’s nothing more refreshing when you want to cool off than diving into a sparkling swimming pool. Many pets love to swim too, but not all of them. Most dogs, and even some cats believe it or not, enjoy a cooling dip when temperatures soar. However, as […]

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Doggie Yoga: Doga!

Doggie Yoga: Doga! Yoga, the “healing art” is becoming increasingly popular as people are realizing its mental and physical benefits. It has, in fact, been practiced for over 5,000 years. Yoga is considered to be a “mind-body” exercise. It benefits and strengthens muscles, circulation, bones, joints and the respiratory system. It has also been found […]

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Your Dog and Hot Weather

Your Dog and Hot Weather High temperatures in the summer can be dangerous for our canine friends – they can overheat and may experience heat-stroke, which may be life-threatening. Summer can mean lots of fun times outdoors, but we must be aware of the dangers. We all want to ensure that our dogs are safe, […]

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Help! Emergency!

Help! Emergency! Imagine this scenario: You arrive home, greeted by your dogs, of course, and as you walk into your bedroom you discover, to your horror, that a packet of your high blood pressure pills lies torn and chewed on the floor. What do you do? Panic, naturally. You frantically try to check how many […]

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Socialising Your Woofers

Socialising Your Woofers What does dog socialisation mean? Nobody is particularly fond of persistently naughty children, especially when their behaviour disrupts everyone’s attempts to lead a relatively peaceful life, including their parents. You know, the kind of kids who cannot be taken anywhere because they wreck their surroundings, are rude to adults and to each […]

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