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Women’s Day With Your Best Friend

Dog Activities

Posted by bravectosouthafrica - 03 August 2018

Who said dogs are a “man’s best friend”? Celebrate Women’s Day in style with these fun activities you can do, without having to leave your dog at home.

Wake Up with Doga

Start your morning right by re-energising and refreshing yo ur mind, body and soul. Now your pawed pal can join in as well, even if your dog can only do the downward dog pose, we are positive that it will be heaps of fun for both you and your dog. Doga is a great way to kick start your morning and tackle the day. Your pooch will also love the early-morning attention.

Visit a Dog Park

Find a nearby dog park and stroll around with your fur-kid. Dog parks are an excellent place for your dog to socialise and also acts as a great excuse for you to get out of the house. Grab a takeaway coffee from your favourite café and take your pooch for a stroll this Women’s Day. (read our blog post on awesome dog-friendly hikes and walks to visit in South Africa!)

Have an Indoor Picnic

It doesn’t always have to be sunshine and cloudless skies for you to enjoy a picnic. Grab a blanket and a few pillows and have a spread of your favourite snacks. No need to do much convincing for your dog to enjoy a feast on the floor – remember to make sure you have dog-friendly snacks available as well.

Visit a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

If you’re up for having a family meal somewhere else, why not visit a pet-friendly restaurant. Find places near you that accommodate dogs as well and make an outing or a day out of it.

Take a Hike

Celebrate Women’s day by reconnecting with nature. Find a hike that is best suitable for you and your fur-kid and trek through the fresh air and scenery. Have a look at the weather forecast so you can dress appropriately and come prepared. Remember to pack enough water for you and your dog.

Regardless of what you and your family end up doing this Women’s Day, we hope it’s done with love and happiness. There are places to see, people to meet and things to do, and it’s all so much sweeter with a pawed pal by your side. If you’ve enjoyed this article and want to read more about keeping your pet happy, healthy and tick and flea free – take a look at the rest of our blog articles by clicking here.

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