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Activities for you and your dog

Posted by bravectosouthafrica - 30 March 2018

Topics covered in this article:

1. Go on an Easter Picnic
2. Day Trips
3. A special treat
4. An Easter Picnic

1. Go on an Easter Picnic

Hide some of your furry friend’s favourite treats around the house and yard. Hide them in places where it’s not too hard for your dog to find.

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2. Day Trips

Most dogs love to go on outings. This Easter season, try taking your dog along on your family trip. Even if you just drive around with your dog, take him on a walk with the rest of the family or take him along for the Easter lunch plans – a change of scenery would be great for your dog and they’ll get to join in on the family fun.

3. A special treat

Don’t let your dog feel left out during the big family lunch. Get him something extra special as well. This will also keep your dog from begging around the food table.

4. An Easter Picnic

Pick a dog-friendly space where your family and your dog can all go for a picnic. Large open spaces are great for your dog (and kids) to get rid of some extra energy. Pack in some dogfriendly snacks, a ball and a frisbee and spend some good quality time together.

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