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Toxic Plants and Pets

Toxic Plants and Pets There are many benefits to gardening, such as improving creativity, relieving stress, increasing productivity, boosting focus and recovery. Also, having plants in and around our homes can improve our mood and bring us a lot of joy. However, unfortunately there are many plants which may be poisonous to our furry friends. […]

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Furry Friends = Furry Home?

Furry Friends = Furry Home? Weeell… not necessarily! Do we really have to sacrifice a clean and fur-free home for the pleasure and the joy brought by sharing it with often-stinky canines and hair-shedding felines? We love our furries to pieces and they are an important part of our families. The benefits for children and […]

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Techno-Pets “I have a Maltese, a Jack Russell and a Siamese cat. I work long hours and often have to go away on business trips for a couple of days at a time, when I employ someone to come in and feed my furry kids and play with them for a while each day. However, […]

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