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Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet?

Why Should I Vaccinate My Pet? Vaccines are used as preventative measures which allow your pets to develop levels of immunity against certain dangerous diseases. In order to protect your animals against some serious bacterial and viral illnesses, inoculations are essential. Without these vaccinations, your pets are unprotected. Vaccinations protect your furry friends against certain […]

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A WINTER’S TAIL Our winters are fairly mild, in comparison to parts of the USA and UK for example, but in some areas, it can reach freezing temperatures, especially at night. The Western Cape, for instance, is both cold and wet in winter. You feel the cold but, thanks to furry coats, our cats and […]

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Don’t Leave me

Don’t Leave Me! Is there anything more exciting than the thought of going on holiday? The planning, the perfect destination, the passports and visas, the itinerary, the accommodation, the journey… You’re going half-way round the world on a business trip, which is a wonderful opportunity for you to impress the boss and to experience the attractions of […]

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#BravectoCares about Animal Welfare

#BravectoCares about Animal Welfare Bravecto® helped animal welfare organisations through far-reaching #BravectoCares campaign With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic still being felt across the globe, welfare and non-profit organisations are struggling to meet their outreach objectives with regular donor funding drying up. As a way to ease the burden on South Africa’s heroic animal […]

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