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Techno-Pets “I have a Maltese, a Jack Russell and a Siamese cat. I work long hours and often have to go away on business trips for a couple of days at a time, when I employ someone to come in and feed my furry kids and play with them for a while each day. However, […]

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Furry Friends in Winter

Furry Friends in Winter As we all know, winter in our beautiful country can present us with great variations in temperature depending on where we live. It can vary from pleasantly cool to freezing and below. Winter nights in the Karoo can dip to well below freezing; in KwaZulu Natal it gets cooler but is […]

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Anxious Furry Friends

Anxious Furry Friends We live in an increasingly stressful world. Feeling anxious and even afraid can be a normal and even essential way to react to stressful situations. When our ancestors lived in caves and came upon a man-eating lion, their bodies would have immediately reacted: adrenaline would have been released and they would have […]

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Driving with Pets

Driving with Pets What Usually Happens… We love our pets so much and we want to take them wherever we go. Right? For many of us pet parents, this is certainly true. So we bundle Dogzilla into the car, who loves to ‘ride shotgun’ in the front passenger seat, we ensure that we and our […]

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Pets’ Health in the Tech Age

Pets’ Health in the Tech Age We are all aware that technology for smart personal products – to wear and for our homes – is growing rapidly, world-wide. This technology is not just for humans though! The global market for pet tech products is rising, according to several research reports, showing that the demand for […]

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Pools, Pooches and Purries!

Pools, Pooches and Purries! Summer has arrived and there’s nothing more refreshing when you want to cool off than diving into a sparkling swimming pool. Many pets love to swim too, but not all of them. Most dogs, and even some cats believe it or not, enjoy a cooling dip when temperatures soar. However, as […]

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Doggie Yoga: Doga!

Doggie Yoga: Doga! Yoga, the “healing art” is becoming increasingly popular as people are realizing its mental and physical benefits. It has, in fact, been practiced for over 5,000 years. Yoga is considered to be a “mind-body” exercise. It benefits and strengthens muscles, circulation, bones, joints and the respiratory system. It has also been found […]

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Allergies: Pooches and Purries

Allergies: Pooches and Purries As Spring approaches, here in sunny South Africa, we are emerging from a chilly winter and are looking forward to warmer weather, blossoming plants and outdoor living once again. However, pet owners may also be bracing themselves for allergy season, which usually occurs as seasons change, and which can affect our […]

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Furry Friends and Tiny Tots

Furry Friends and Tiny Tots Many of us have happy memories of our childhoods, when we were often accompanied by a furry friend. If we look back on family photographs and videos, pets feature so often, as they played a big part in so many of our joyful memories. We remember Jackson, the Lab/Ridgeback cross, […]

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