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Top Autumn Pet Tips

Top Autumn Pet Tips As our rich South African landscape morphs from the vibrant summer palette of greens, pinks and purples to make way for the rich, warm reds and oranges of autumn, it is a great motivator to get outdoors before the frosty winter months. The milder weather means more doggy walkies and lazy […]

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How to holiday with pets

How to holiday with pets Getting “away from it all” is something we all look forward to but deciding what to do with our fur-kids can be a tough decision that requires looking at all the options. Luckily we’ve done the ground work for you. Read on to get the down low on pet holiday […]

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Do our pets feel emotions

Do our pets feel emotions? As avid pet lovers, we are quick to defend our furry friends when others question their ability to feel emotions. But are those tell-tale signs of happiness, such as dogs wagging their tails or cats purring, really an expression of emotion or simple behavioural responses? Bravecto® has done the legwork […]

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Dog Fleas

Gone With Dog Fleas – Everything You Need To Know Dog fleas are a nuisance. A good place to start is with preventing or getting rid of pesky dog fleas. Read on to find out how to nip the problem in the bud early on, leaving your dog parasite-free all year long. FLEAS FLEAS ON […]

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