Common Mistakes to Avoid When Owning a Cat


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 15 July 2019

We all know that cats are pretty much always in charge of the household and they have certain expectations and standards that they expect from their owners. For weeks you’re running around the house trying to shower your little furball with love when, frankly, you’re just uncertain of how to respond to their independent nature or provide them with a healthy lifestyle. These are the common mistakes to avoid when owning a cat.

While you might have read tons of advice for first-time cat owners, it’s never quite the same when you’re faced with an adorable four-legged baby of your own. So, if you are really unsure of where to start then it is always a good idea to consult with a professional before owning a cat. Be it health questions, attention advice or diet tips; it’s essential to make sure you’re confident when owning a cat.

Here are five mistakes that new cat owners make:

Ignoring the need for professional care

As briefly mentioned, it’s incredibly important to offer your feline friend the health care they deserve. Unlike a pooch, it’s not always easy to see when your cat is feeling ill because they have different behaviours that are sometimes affectionate and present, and other times not at all. Whether you’ve rescued your cat or purchased your kitty from a breeder, it’s integral that you assess their health and protect them from any parasites or illnesses that might be lingering. Proactive decisions such as these will be able to prolong your cat’s life and give them the care and support they need to lead a happy life. If your cat needs to be spayed or neutered, speak to your vet and do what you can to prevent costly experiences in the future.

Avoiding tick, flea and ear mite infestations

Whether your cat explores the outdoors or spends its time playing indoors, you need to protect your cat from any parasites that may affect their health and your home. Many new cat parents make the mistake of avoiding these infestations merely because they believe that their cat cannot be infected indoors. This; however, is not the case. Fleas can manoeuvre their way indoors, and you could be the cause. Not to mention, tick and flea infestations might take weeks (and even months) to appear. By this time, your sick cat will be heavily infested, and it will cost you a small fortune to fix. Neglecting to protect your cat from these parasites puts him at risk of contracting a tapeworm which, in worst cases, can lead to anaemia as well as the risk of infecting the rest of the family. Look at treating your cat with Bravecto® For Cats – a convenient spot-on solution that lasts 3 months.

Overfeeding or feeding your cat with the wrong food

Many pet owners spoil their pets by overfeeding them. According to this article, “it is estimated that over 50% of pet cats are either overweight or obese.” Weight issues can limit your pet’s movement and affect their behaviour or health in the long-term. The other side to this is finding a food brand that suits your cat and your budget. It’s not important that you purchase the most expensive, premium food for your cat. But it is essential that they receive a healthy, nutritional diet.

Forgetting about the litter box

Many pet owners forget about the litter box and expect their cat to do their business outside. This, unfortunately, is not always the case unless you have trained your feline friend. If you do have a litter box in your house, keep it clean for hygiene purposes and to encourage your cat to keep using it. If you maintain the cleanliness of your cat’s litter box, you can actively avoid bacteria from spreading.

Unsure of how to monitor their behaviour

Owning a cat is challenging, especially when you’re learning the ropes and trying to understand more about their behavioural tendencies. Cats are peculiar animals, and oftentimes they hide their feelings. Make sure you spend quality moments with your cat and watch their movements. If you notice that your cat is not eating or they’ve lost energy, you need to take your cat to see a professional. If you want to learn more about cat socialisation, click here.

Final thoughts

It may be easy to make mistakes owning a cat but, they are also very forgiving creatures and having a cat as part of your family is very rewarding. Prevention is always better than cure so performing basic healthcare activities such as vaccination, deworming and tick and flea prevention goes a long way to keeping your kitty healthy in the long term. Choose Bravecto® Spot-On For Cats as your tick, flea and mite prevention product. For more information on How Bravecto® Spot-On Protects Your Cat, speak to your local vet about protecting your cat with Bravecto® and vaccinating with the Nobivac® vaccine that suits your cat’s lifestyle.


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