5 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 19 January 2019

Itching for new party tricks to teach your dog? Here are some dog training tips to explore. When considering how to teach your dog new tricks, it’s important to take their existing behavior into account. Dogs that are obedient can learn faster than dogs that are unfamiliar with basic commands. For instance, if your dog responds well to “sit”, it means their mind is active. Effective training is integral to your dog’s mental stimulation. So, gather your treats and try these tricks to teach your dog:

1. Fetch

Fetch is a typical dog trick; however, it’s not always an activity that comes quickly for your dog. If you spend hours playing with your dog, he or she will become accustomed to you throwing a toy and expecting them to bring it back to you. Start by finding out the ideal toy, and then keep your dog on an extended leash when you throw their toy. This movement will give you control to reel them in once they’ve collected the toy. Repeat this process several times before you consider trying it without a leash.

2. High five

The high five commands are one of those easy tricks to teach your dog. It’s like a handshake in that your dog needs to touch your hand with their paw. If you do it often, your dog will become familiar with raising its paw when you put your hand out. It takes practice but it’s a fun (and cute) trick.

3. Rollover

The rollover is an incredible sight when your dog gets it right. To teach your dog this move, you need to lay him or her down on their stomach and lure them with a treat. Move behind their neck, in the hopes that your dog turns its head as you move. Your dog cannot get up in the process, so bear in mind that whenever your dog comes closer to the treat, move your hand, so they eventually start to roll over.

4. Dance

Dancing is among the more advanced tricks to teach your dog. They need to be able to stand sturdily on their back legs. Once they’re up, move around them while making them focus on your finger (or on a treat). When you move, your dog will slowly start to move with you causing them to jump.

5. Balance

… and by balance, we mean balancing a treat on your dog’s nose. Start by touching their nose and allowing them to get used to that feeling. After that, tempt them with something yummy. Stop them from wanting to bite the treat in your hand by saying “leave it”. Soon they will learn how to leave it. Continue by resting the treat on their nose, and the job is done.

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