Beginners Guide to Being ~ A First-Time Dog Owner


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 23 April 2019

Becoming a pet parent is no easy task, especially when you don’t know how to take care of a dog. If you’ve grown up with animals, the idea of being a first-time dog owner is exciting. But if you haven’t grown up with pets,this will bean entirely new experience for you in your life. Welcoming a new pet takes time and patience. Always plan ahead and be prepared.

Your chosen dog’s breed and previous living conditions can play a huge role in their behavior towards you and your home. Don’t assume you’re welcoming a pet angel without any challenges. Every pet brings with him joy and love but also its own set of challenges. And it’s up to you to be the responsible pet owner to attend to their needs. So, before you head into this new chapter in your life, here are a few first-time dog owner tips:

Do your research

As much as you want to “wing” it and take it as it comes, you need to do your research to ensure you are fully prepared for this exciting adventure. Speak to veterinarians about your dog breed and the type of food your furry friend needs. The type of food your pet consumes has an impact on their health and performance. You want to ensure you’re providing them with the healthiest option.

Another tip to consider is to look at your finances and budget. Owning a pet is expensive, so you need to save money and work responsibly with your money to provide your first dog with the best home. If possible, it is a good idea to also take out a medical aid for your new pet. This will help with any unforeseen trips to the vet, making sure you can do the best for your new best friend.

Perform training at home

Whether you’ve found a puppy or an adult dog, do not assume your furry friend has been house and potty trained. Much like humans, pets also take time to adjust to a new environment. Mistakes and accidents are bound to happen in the beginning stages, so take the time to train your doggo.

Ask for professional help

Being a first-time dog owner is challenging and overwhelming at times. Often, you don’t know how to control your pet, and that is fine. If you can, speak with a local vet and ask for guidance on your dog’s actions. Take each experience with a pinch of salt and continue to seek professional help where needed. Speak to friends who have gone through a similar experience as you might be able to find out more tips and tricks that will come in handy when dealing with your doggo and certain situations.

Try to socialise your pet with outside interactions

It’s important to start socialising with your first dog from an early age. Take the time to introduce your furry friend to your friends’ pets or take your dog to external training. It is always a good idea to not only socialise a puppy with other animals but also children and other people, especially if you plan on taking him on outings.If you don’t have the time to train your pet outside of your already-busy life, make an effort to help your dog through professional help. Your dog will be less disruptive and healthier when they’re let out to socialise and play.

Create a safe and calm environment at home

Your home environment as a first-time dog owner needs to be conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you consciously contribute to a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Your first dog will feed off your energy, so try to keep your dog healthy through your living conditions and the way you treat them.

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