Best Dog Parks in South Africa – Picnics with your best friend


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 07 September 2018

Bring on the snacks, because it’s time for a dog picnic! Pack all your goodies in a basket, grab the biggest blanket you can find, the leash, and you’re all set for a beautiful spring day picnic. Finding a picnic spot that is dog-friendly can seem tricky when you’re living in the city, especially when dogs aren’t allowed at certain places. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the top dog parks for the good boys and girls of the city, where they can run leash-free, explore and have the fresh spring air re-energise their doggy spirits. Luckily, when your dog’s on Bravecto®,  you don’t need to worry about any unwanted guests, namely ticks and fleas, spoiling the fun.

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1. Walkhaven Dog Park | Johannesburg

The Walkhaven Dog Park is a definite must for all dog lovers. Walkhaven Dog Park is one of the favourites among Jozi dog lovers, which is why it made it to the top of our list. The entire dog-friendly park caters for your pawed pals’ needs, with a dedicated pet-friendly restaurant, The Walkhaven Kitchen. The dog park is located on a farm, boasting 22 hectares of grassland, allowing your dog to run like the wind in the wide-open spaces.
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2. De Waal Park – Cape Town

This off-leash dog park is a great spot for a casual spring day picnic. In the middle of this lush, green dog-friendly park, is a Victorian fountain where your pawed pal can enjoy some fresh water. The big trees also make for perfect picnic spots to sit under and enjoy a tasty drink yourself.
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3. James and Ethel Grey Park | Johannesburg

If you’re in need of some greenery – this is the place for you. Locals claim that the park has the best sunrise view in the city, and who better to share it with than your furry friend. For those early-risers, this is a great opportunity to pack breakfast and start your day off with fresh air and some outdoor fun. Alternatively, enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic, in this 36-hectare dog park boasting beautiful scenery, as well as the Sandspruit River winding its way around the landscapes, vegetation and walkways.
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No need to limit yourself to one place. If you’re a Jozi local, other dog-friendly parks worth a look include Rhodes Park, Delta Park and Zoo Lake.

4. SARDS Bark Park | Port Elizabeth

This 1.2 hectare dog park is in the beautiful and tranquil valley of Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth. Bring your pooch along to socialise with other dogs and get some well-deserved playtime. The secure environment allows dogs to be both on or off leash. While the pups play, the owners can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the K9 Coffee bar. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.
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5. Faerie Glen Nature Reserve | Pretoria

Faerie Glen nature reserve is the heart of Pretoria. Dogs are allowed on leash in this park as you explore the great outdoors together. From trails to venture, hills to climb and walks among grasslands, the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve allows you to truly make the most out of any sunny day.
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6. Memorial Park, Kloof | Durban

Memorial Park is the perfect dog park to enjoy a springtime picnic with your pawed pal. Not only is Memorial Park dog-friendly and great for your pup, but it’s also ideal for the entire family. This park offers your dog the chance to roam freely, while you and your loved one can appreciate the atmosphere, soak up some sun and enjoy tasty picnic snacks. For more information, visit:

7. Green Point Urban Park | Cape Town

Enjoy a walk with your pawed pal in this beautiful spot in the heart of one of Cape Town’s busiest neighbourhoods. Enjoy the escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, while walking your dog through the various pathways and gorgeous, green surroundings.
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If your picnic adventure has sparked the need for another adventure with your pooch, take a look at our article on the Dog-friendly South African camping spots by clicking here.


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