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A Happy Dog is a Happy Life: How To Keep Your Dog Healthy


Posted by bravectosouthafrica - 19 January 2019

As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your pet and ensure that you’re providing him or her with the best possible care and attention. It’s your duty to keep your pet engaged in your life and actions. The more enthusiastic you are, the happier your furry friend will be.

With the new year at bay, it’s time to sit back and review last year’s pet choices. Now is the time to take pet health, safety and happiness into consideration, and make positive decisions going forward.

Keep your pet busy

Often, life gets the better of you, and it’s difficult to make time for yourself. Let alone your pet. Try spending more time walking or running your dog in 2019, especially if you live in a small home with little room for your dog to roam free in. Remember that small steps go a long way to a healthier life.

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Excite your dog mentally

While it’s important to keep your dog physically active and slim, it’s just as important to challenge your dog mentally. This can be achieved when you teach your dog new tips and tricks. For example, you can test your pet by allowing him or her to lead the way home on your next walk. Or you can teach your dog how to give you a high five before work in the mornings. These are all fun, interactive and memorable activities that will help to assist you in keeping your dog happy.

Perform regular care treatments

Pets pick up fleas and ticks without you knowing. Only once you realize that they’re no longer a happy dog, they have already been struggling for quite some time. So, on this note, it’s important to inspect your dog regularly and make sure that they’re healthy. When you’re familiar with your pet’s coat, you will be able to pick up any strange infections quickly. Take precaution with dog ticks treatment or flea treatment for dogs, and ensure you’re feeling your bundle of joy healthy food.

Beat the heat

Heading into the new year, you need to look after your pet’s coat and paws. The pavements are warm, and the sun can dehydrate your dog quickly. If you decide to explore new outdoor adventures, make sure your pet has enough water and that the places you visit have shade for your dog.

More love and attention

Showing your dog love does not only boost your mood, but it makes them happier too. Cuddling, kissing and holding your dog is an ideal way to bond and inspire them. A happy dog can feel your love, and they show it in how they choose to interact with you. So, going into the new year, try to give your dog more attention and love. The response will be incredible, and you will feel happier too.

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