Best Types of Play for Different Breeds


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 01 April 2018

Ultimately, every dog has a unique personality, and as you get to know him/her better, you will learn to see which games your dog prefers and which they aren’t too excited about. All dogs engage in a type of play and in the end, for them, it is just all about fun and games.

Pointers – Run and Chase Games

These types of play are commonly enjoyed most and are best for dogs who were initially bred to assist in hunting. Pointers, for example, are naturally inclined to take part in these play styles.

Cocker Spaniels – Scavenger Hunts

Cocker Spaniels were bred for chasing game out of the bush. They enjoy games that involve searching, finding and retrieving styles of play

Jack Russel -Toys, Digging and Wrestling

These super energetic dogs love playing and digging in the dirt. Initially, the Jack Russel was bred to hunt underground quarry. They are constantly busy, and their vibrant personalities tend to take over the room. They are muscly and strong dogs. They also have a great appreciation for squeaky toys.

Labradors and Golden Retrievers-Water Games

Labrador breeds and Golden Retrievers are commonly known for their love of water. These breeds will thrive with water games and going to the beach or a local dam on those hot summer days.

Border Collies – Chasing, Staring and Stalking

Border Collies were selectively bred to herd livestock and are still natural herders. These dog breeds enjoy games that mimic ‘herding’ and will often be found chasing, staring and stalking. These types of dogs thrive on physical and mental stimulation and excel in games like chasing balls and Frisbee.

Beagles, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds – Hide-and-seek

These breeds are extremely scent orientated. They thrive on a pack mentality and enjoy games like scavenger hunting and hide and seek. These dogs are also generally social and enjoy doggy play-dates.

Boxers and Doberman – Social Games

These dogs are extremely faithful and social and were originally bred together as the ‘boxerman’ for hunting larger prey. Their favourite types of play involve play-growling and play-fighting with their paws.

Poms, Maltese, Pugs and Shih-Tzu – ‘Cat-Like’ Play

These breeds, frequently described as ‘lap-dogs’ crave attention and are very toy orientated. They will prefer games that aren’t too ‘sporty’ in comparison to larger dogs. Often referred to as ‘cat-like’ play, these breeds will be satisfied with affection and simple physical and mental stimulation.

Best Types of Play for
Different Breeds
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