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Five Reasons to Get a Second Dog

Why have one best doggy friend when you can have two? We provide five reasons to get a second dog.


Posted by bravectosouthafrica - 09 September 2019

Why you should expand your dog-family

The only thing better than one dog, is two dogs. Although two dogs might mean double the mess and training, it also means double the love, cuddles and wet nose kisses. However, there are many other benefits of getting a second dog. Here are the reasons to get a second dog.

1. Exercise and entertainment

Reasons to get a second dog, a running yorkie with a ball

Boredom and a lack of exercise can be the source of a lot of behavioural problems in dogs. Getting a second dog can be the solution. Your dog will never be alone or bored and will always have a best friend to keep them entertained and exercised. You can rest assured that your dogs will be happy, healthy and amused while you’re away.

2. Easy dog training

A young dog can learn a lot from an older dog, which will make training your new pup easier. Young dogs instinctively look to older dogs for guidance, since they are pack animals. Your older dog, who already knows all the house rules, will teach and enforce these rules in your new puppy, saving you time and effort.

Reasons to get a second dog, more dogs with a ball

3. Prevent separation anxiety in your dogs

Two Labradors, double the trouble!

Since dogs are social creatures, they often don’t like being left alone for too long. Being alone can lead to stress and boredom, which can cause behavioural issues. If your dog has a friend, it can greatly minimise the chance of separation anxiety. You no longer have to feel guilty when leaving your dog behind, because they have a best friend to keep them entertained while you are gone.

4. Give a home to a dog in need

Give a home to a dog in need

Dog shelters are almost always at capacity. When you adopt a dog in need, you help more than just one dog. You free up space for another dog and give them the chance to find their forever home as well. It’s a win-win situation!

5. You love dogs

You must love dogs!

Your love for dogs can be enough reason for you to get a second pup. If you have the time and means to take care of a second dog, then go ahead and expand your doggy-family!

Have we convinced you to get a second dog?

A second dog can be a great addition to your family. Just remember not to neglect your first dog. Be sure to supervise their first meeting and make sure they’re both happy, healthy and comfortable.

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