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Keeping my dog safe from nicotine poisoning


Posted by bravectosouthafrica - 01 May 2018

Dogs are our best furry friends and unfortunately, they don’t always understand that certain things will hurt them. Luckily, however, we can help them stay out of harm’s way as well as minimise their exposure to things that are a health risk.

Knowing how to protect your dog from second-hand and third-hand smoke is one of the key things we need to be aware of as pet owners, helping us to create a secure and healthy environment for our dogs.

In an ideal world, quitting smoking or avoiding close proximity to second- hand or third-hand smoke is in your dog’s best interest. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure smoke effects your dog as little as possible.

  • If you smoke, be sure to do it outside and never in the presence of your dog. Alternatively, if someone else smokes in their home it would be best to keep your dog outside whilst you visit them or not to take your dog along at all.
  • Be sure that there is never a pack of cigarettes or tobacco lying around in reach for your dog. Also, always ensure that the ashtrays are clean and far from your canine friend.
  • If someone in the house smokes, consider investing in a high-quality air purifier to get rid of some of the excessive toxins.
  • If you’ve smoked, be sure to give your hands a good wash before petting your dog.
  • If your dog cuddles you or sleeps in your bed, be sure that your clothes are freshly washed, and your hair is clean after you’ve smoked.

Introducing these changes in your life can go a long way in keeping your dog healthy and can have a big impact in the severity of the effect smoke has on your dog.

How to keep my dog safe from
smoke/nicotine poisoning



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