Tips for Spotting and Preventing Ear Mites in Dogs


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 23 April 2019

Ear mites in dogs are incredibly contagious. If your doggo enjoys playing outdoors and rolling themselves in the sand, unfortunately, they are more prone to picking up this parasite.

Put simply, ear mites in dogs are parasites which can affect pets and even humans if not dealt with in a prompt manner. This condition can cause your furry friend to feel uncomfortable as it affects the inside of their ear canal. The good news with ear mites is that these parasites can be treated far easier than many other infections because they do not plant themselves deep enough not to be attended to.

Take care of your yard

When getting rid of fleas, it’s important to consider where they come from – outside. Maintaining your garden, keeping the grass mowed and the shrubbery trimmed helps keep the presence of fleas to a minimum and decreases the chances of anyone carrying them into your home. Overgrown greenery and gardens also provide optimal hiding spots for rodents and other animals which generally carry fleas. As fleas can be inside your home as well as outside during any 4 of their life stages, the best way to protect your dog and to break the flea lifecycle is to give your dog Bravecto®.

How to spot and treat a mite

These parasites are difficult to see; however, they can be identified as microscopic white spots with eight legs. Most pets will flick mites off them, controlling the irritation on their body. But if mites make their way into your dog’s ears, the parasite will need to be treated by medication such as Bravecto®.

Spotting the symptoms of dog ear mites are far easier than the parasites themselves. You will start to see your doggo feeling uncomfortable and shaking its head in the hopes of removing the buildup in their ears. Another telling sign is seeing your dog trying to scratch its ears to try and relieve the irritation. If you notice these signs, you should seek veterinary assistance. During the process of your dog trying to scratch out the mites in its ears, their ears can become sore from all the scratching and touching.

Depending on how long ear mites have been in your dog’s ears, you will slowly start to smell a strong smell coming from their ears. This means you need to speak to a professional urgently before it becomes dangerous for your furry friend. The mite life cycle can be anything up to 21-days, so treatment should be performed and continued to ensure that all eggs are killed in the process. If possible, try to monitor your dog’s behaviour as closely as possible. The sores and pain caused by your dog’s scratching during the time they have ear mites can lead to secondary infections and hearing damage if affected badly.

Protecting your dog from ear mites

Treat your dog with Bravecto® which will not only protect them against ear mites but also ticks, fleas, and other skin mites. If you suspect a problem, the best would be to rather seek professional care if you suspect your dog has a mite infection, go for regular check-ups at your veterinarian to do a dog ear flush. But alternatively, you can avoid the extra effort with one single dose of Bravecto®!

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