Protect Your Home From A Flea Infestation


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 01 October 2018

Now that the warmer weather is officially upon us, fleas have also, unfortunately, become more prevalent. Although fleas tend to stick it out all year round, the warmer weather and humidity speeds up the flea’s life cycle. Once fleas are in your home, they can take weeks and sometimes months to control, which is why prevention is always better than trying to rid your house of fleas. Now, in order to prevent these pesky critters from running the show, we’ve looked at the best ways to protect your home from flea infestations.

Take care of your yard

When getting rid of fleas, it’s important to consider where they come from – outside. Maintaining your garden, keeping the grass mowed and the shrubbery trimmed helps keep the presence of fleas to a minimum and decreases the chances of anyone carrying them into your home. Overgrown greenery and gardens also provide optimal hiding spots for rodents and other animals which generally carry fleas. As fleas can be inside your home as well as outside during any of the four of their life stages, the best way to protect your dog and to break the flea life cycle is to give your dog Bravecto®.

Contact with other animals

If your dog isn’t on a year-round tick, flea and mite treatment, the chances of them picking up fleas at some point during the year is almost inevitable, increasing the likelihood of your dog bringing them into your home. Now, on the other hand – your dog might be protected, but that doesn’t mean all the other animals are, for example the neighbourhood cat. If you become aware of a pest problem in your area, especially rodents, be sure to contact a pest professional to remedy the problem. This will decrease the chances of your dog coming into contact with any feral animals, meaning that the rodents will steer clear and not make themselves comfortable in your home. It’s also recommended that you do not keep your dog’s food bowl outside overnight as this might attract unwanted guests who might leave a flea friend at your door.

Routine washes and vacuuming

During summer, frequent vacuuming can help remove any flea eggs, larvae and adults that might be finding shelter in your fluffy carpets. Be sure to check spots like cushioned furniture, cracks, crevices and floors – as those areas are some of the flea’s favourite spots. The above also applies to all pet bedding. Be sure to soak it at least once every two to three weeks in hot, soapy water.

Constantly worrying about fleas finding a home on your dog and invading your space can put a damper on your summer. That’s why the best way to keep ticks, fleas and mites at bay is preventing them from using your dog as a host. One single Bravecto® chew starts killing fleas within 2 hours and kills 95% of fleas within 8 hours. It will also last for 12 weeks, so ensure your dog is always protected by treating him or her to a Bravecto® four times a year.


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