19 Pet Supplies You Need to Welcome Your New Pup Home

So, you’re ready to take your new furry friend home? Here are the 19 essential dog supplies and accessories you need for a warm welcome!


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 28 November 2019

So your new furry friend is finally coming home? Exciting! Whether you’re an experienced or first time dog owner, your new pup will need a few essential pet supplies. We’ve combined everything you need into one handy list, so read on!

Meal Times

Munching is undoubtedly amongst a dog’s favourite activities, and eating quality food helps to strengthen their immune system and general health.

1. High-grade Food

Stock one bag of the food your new pup was eating at the breeder or shelter and one bag of dog food you plan on transitioning to.

2. Food & Water Bowls

Get dishwasher-safe dog bowls made from an anti-microbial material, like stainless steel or ceramic. Avoid painted or plastic food and water bowls.

3. Pet Placemat

Since dogs eat with a passion, ensuring that feeding bowls stay in place with a non-slip pet placemat is vital. It comes with a bonus – catching food and water spills!

4. Treats

Giving a dog treats is not only an excellent training incentive but also a way to shower them with affection and strengthen your bond.

Home Prep

Your home needs almost as much preparation as your new dog does before their arrival.

5. Doggy Bed

Designate a quiet space, big enough for your new dog and their comfy bed, as a sleeping area. Choose a soft, washable bed.

6. Lint Rollers

As a dog owner, you’re bound to get pet hair on your clothes and furniture. A lint roller is a quick-fix that removes shedding in an instant.

7. Training Toys

Instead of buying traditional dog toys, stock up on training toys to teach your new dog a trick or two while stimulating them mentally.

8. Containers

Keep your home organised by arranging your dog’s accessories, food, toys and grooming tools inlabelled boxes.

House Training Pet Supplies

9. Baby Gate

Clearly define dog-friendly spaces within your home and also around your property. This way, your dog can explore areas without wandering off or wreaking havoc in no-go zones.

10. Training Pads

Stock up on training pads before house training begins. This must-have will limit frustration and make cleaning up as painless as possible.

Outdoor Adventures

Time outside is an essential ingredient to your dog’s overall wellness and happiness.

11. Poop Bags

Pack a few bags and a small poop scoop when you go for a walk with your new pup.

12. Leash & Harness

Purchase a leash and harness in the correct size for your dog. A harness is better than a collar as it keeps your pet from hurting their neck if they pull at the leash.

13. Collar & Nametag

Fit your pup with a collar and ID tag (featuring your contact details) before heading out on your first outdoor adventure together.

14. Pet Carrier

You need a pet carrier to safely transport your pet to the vet or your next holiday destination. Ensure that it’s big enough – your dog should be able to stand up and move around freely.

Pet Health Supplies

Your newest family member’s continued wellbeing is your responsibility.

15. Dog Care Manual

Purchase a manual about or research your pup’s breed online to be knowledgeable regarding possible hereditary conditions, allergies and general canine ailments. A manual will also be helpful to learn about general pet care.

16. First Aid Pet Supplies

Purchase or create a pet first aid kit. If you’re putting together your own, consult your dog care manual or vet on what essentials to add to your first aid kit.

17. Grooming Pet Supplies

Shampoo, a towel, comb, nail clippers and a toothbrush with paste or gel form part of your grooming kit.

18. Pet Insurance

Make sure that you can afford your pet’s medical care. Pet insurance can significantly assist when unforeseen emergencies strike and lighten the financial burden of vet fees.

19. Pest Protection

If you want your pet to be healthy, content and pest-free, practice complete pest protection with a tick and flea control product. Bravecto® offers two products for dogs that protect against ticks, fleas and mites. Bravecto® Spot-On provides up to 6 months protection while the tasty Bravecto® Chew keeps pests away for 12 weeks.

Stock up on essential pet supplies, check off the items on this list and get ready to relish life with your new pup!

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