Want to Know How to Potty Train a Puppy?


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 23 April 2019

Many people assume that learning how to house train a puppy is an effortless experience. While a tiny furry friend will undoubtedly bring you plenty of joy, the same puppy can also come with a set of challenges. It takes dedication and patience to own and raise a puppy. You need to ensure that your pup is right for your lifestyle, and by doing so, you need to train your puppy and teach them the ropes at home. Unless you don’t mind toilet paper and holey shoes laying around.

Before you begin to train your puppy, accept that it’s going to take time. You need to dedicate time and energy to training your pup. According to this article, “it typically takes 4-6 months for a puppy to be fully house trained, but some puppies may take up to a year. Size can be a predictor.” Be prepared for good and bad days at home and learn how to reward your pup for the small achievements.

Stick to a plan with your puppy training

When you’re learning how to house train a puppy, it’s important to note that it’s up to you to teach them the necessary dog obedience training they need before they pick up habits from you as a pet owner. You need to be consistent with your training schedule. Perform your training tasks according to a strict timeframe and progression calendar to see how far you’ve come. The better your puppy becomes with the commands and activities you’ve taught them, the more your pup will demonstrate them.

Stay alert and monitor their warning signs 

As you know, puppies can’t verbally tell you when they need to do their business. Over time, your pet will become more trained in how they deliver the news to you, but until then, be patient. If you see your puppy performing strange movements, they’re asking you to let them go outside. Be sure to set your pup up for success and take him outside after activities that you know will trigger a need for the loo such as after eating and after he has had a nap. Only when your puppy is trained, will they wait for you to let them out. But other times, you might not be around to assist them, and it becomes an accident. If so, do not punish your furry friend for making a mistake. Keep the whole process positive by rewarding good behaviour.

Use a power word or phrase 

When you start house training your puppy, come up with a power word or phrase. This can be anything from “outside” to “not inside the house”. Over time, they will learn to associate the sound of a phrase with a specific command. The more consistent you are, the easier puppy training will be.

Create a safe-haven for your puppy 

Many people build an area for their pet to do their business in. This will become a familiar area for your puppy to visit when it feels the need to go to the bathroom. If possible, do not leave your pup in the area for long hours as it will soon rebel from visiting the area you have created for it. Experiment with different material as the flooring to see what your puppy feels comfortable with during puppy training.

Final thoughts

House training a puppy is a time-consuming task, and it’s bound to take time. Be patient with the entire experience, and always reward your furry friend for trying. Your pup is only learning about your home environment, so take the time to enjoy the bonding you’ll have with your newest family member.

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