Tips for Travelling with Cats in the Car


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 13 March 2019

Travelling with cats in the car can be a breeze if you’ve done your research and looked at the most popular and necessary tips for travelling with cats. Most animals don’t react well to the idea (or experience for that matter) of having to drive in a vehicle. But, sometimes it’s not an option. If you’re moving or travelling for a holiday, it is necessary to have your feline friend with you.

Your pet might only associate car drives with something bad, for example, going to the vet. So, if you educate yourself about what needs to be done when you travel with a pet and how to change your cat’s mind on the idea of being in the car, you will have a better idea of how to control your pet.

If you continually spend time with your cat in the car, whether it’s moving or not, your cat will start to become familiar with the change in space. Here are a few tips for travelling with cats:

Keep your pet in a confined area

When you decide to travel with a pet, make sure they have their own carrier where they can sit in during the drive. While you might want to have them sit on your lap, in case they start to feel scared or stressed, a roaming cat can distract the driver and cause an unforeseen accident. If you include your cat’s blanket and their favourite toy to their carrier box, they will immediately identify their own scent and start to unwind. During this process, it’s important to note that some cats prefer that the container is covered so that their space is dark, while others prefer to be on the seat, so that they can see.

Comfort before departure

Let your cat experience your vehicle when it is not moving. This way, your cat will learn to become familiar with the environment before travelling with them. When your cat becomes more comfortable in your vehicle, they will feel a lot more relaxed and excited about being in the car.

Snack time

Be sure to pack your cat’s favourite snacks and toys in the car. When your cat starts to become comfortable in the moving vehicle, you will be able to feed them and play with them without them causing havoc because of their nerves. Every time you travel with your cat, make a point of adding snacks as this will help them to associate car rides with delicious snacks and FUN!

Include their personal travel information

If something happens where your cat needs to escape the vehicle, you need to have your cat’s identification with you to help you find your cat if they run away. To ensure that you find your precious kitty if they disappear from you, have your cat microchipped or have a collar made with your personal details on it. On another note, always pack in preventative medication if you are visiting a new area that might affect your cat’s ability to enjoy their holiday with you. Make sure that your cat is up to date on vaccinations, as well as such as tick and flea treatment, when travelling with your furry friend.

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