10 Tips for New Cat Owners


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 13 March 2019

Cat adoption or acquiring a cat is a major responsibility. It’s a big step in your life, and it should be done by following the right tips for cat owners. Deciding to have a pet means that you are financially stable. It means that you are responsible enough to look after someone – even if that someone is a furry friend. So, before you jump into your decision, do your research to ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Learn to understand the dos and don’ts of owning your first cat.

In the beginning stages, you might make mistakes. And that is okay. But, if you are trying to offer your cat the best possible home and you want to be a responsible cat owner, everything will work out.

Here are a few tips for cat owners to consider before you get distracted by their cute paws:

Think about your lifestyle

If you want to own a cat knowing you have a jam-packed social schedule, think about the type of cat you wish to adopt or purchase first. Some cats need more attention and require regular grooming from their owners, whereas others can be left alone to look after themselves from time to time.

If you suffer from allergies, you will need to think carefully about your cat choice. Speak to a professional who can help to guide you in the right direction on what type of cat to have at home. If your cat requires immunisation, be sure to read up about the different options, and speak to a vet for recommendations on the relevant vaccinations needed for your cat. In addition to this, you will need to try and neuter or spay your cat before you encounter spraying, roaming, unwanted pregnancies (or the cause of those pregnancies). According to this article, one cat can average 2.8 kittens per litter. This creates over 11,606,077 kittens within 9 years if left intact. Depending on your breed of cat, neutering or spaying your cat might be beneficial for their health, so do your research before you commit.

Create a space for your cat

Make sure that your cat has its own place to play with a litter box that is enclosed. In the beginning, your new cat might take some time to warm up to you; therefore, they will spend time playing alone. If you have provided your cat with toys and a scratch post, it will be an easy way to bond with your fur ball.

Approach a trusted vet in the area

Speak to a local vet about your cat’s health, first check-up and any other tips for cat owners. Having a strong relationship with a nearby vet or a friend who owns their own cat can help you when things become overwhelming. It’s also important to have a vet on speed dial in the event that your cat falls ill.

Give your cat to a healthy environment

One of the most essential tips for cat owners is to offer your cat a healthy and happy life. Make sure you protect them from ticks and fleas and feed them the right nutritional food they need to grow. Remember that you have a lot of impact on your cat’s wellbeing, so try to be the best possible cat owner. After all, how you treat them will determine their quality of life. Groom them, feed them, love them and spend quality time together. It will make you feel happier in your own life.

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