Top Small Dog Breeds for Small Living Spaces


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 15 July 2019

Living in a free-standing house with a backyard for your doggo to roam free us not always an option when you begin your adult life. While it might unfortunate as you are unable to adopt or buy the doggo of your dreams, you cannot refrain from finding yourself a pooch partner due to the size of your house. So, if you’re looking to become a first-time pet parent in your small apartment, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to choosing a small dog breed that will complement your living space.

In addition to your house’s size, it’s important to note that bigger dogs have increased energy, activity levels and possibly even their noisiness — for instance, their barks, howls and whines. While the size of your living space might be able to accommodate a bigger-sized dog, their giant paws will be the least of your worries when comparing their need to socialise and bark louder than any other sound in your apartment block. Here are five of the most popular dog breeds for smaller living spaces:

Bassett Hound

A Bassett Hound is a short-legged breed with long droopy ears. These calm, easy-going dogs are as energetic as their owner, so it will depend on you to exercise and play with them. Bassett Hounds are not very vocal; however, they will respond to other dogs’ howls and barks. If you are busy throughout the day and unable to entertain your doggo, you can rest assured knowing that this low-key breed will be happy to lounge around in your home and offer up cuddles the moment you walk through the door.


A Maltese poodle is a recommended lapdog for both small apartment owners and those who prefer small dog breeds in comparison to taller, bigger dogs. They are energetic dogs and delightful to be around. If you are unable to walk your pooch, your Maltese will release enough energy zipping through small areas in your apartment. However, it will be helpful to walk your dog if you are unable to spend time playing throughout the day. These adorable dogs are not very vocal but extremely affectionate.


While you might think that a bulldog is a large-sized dog and better suited for bigger living areas, the reality is that these docile dogs work perfectly in smaller spaces. Bulldogs are happy to relax at home without the need to exercise regularly. All you need to do is give them some attention, take them for a walk now and then and enjoy some games indoors. This is enough to keep your Bulldog fit.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you’re looking for calm and gentle small dog breeds that have a lot of love to give, the Cavalier will bring you plenty of happiness. As an upbeat, small-sized dog, you won’t need to spend hours exercising your dog as this breed is happy to relax on the couch and endure the minimal exercise. The Spaniel group is one of those cute small dog breeds that are perfect companion dogs and cuddle buddies.


Chihuahuas are a cute small dog breed with a loud little mouth. It’s a very popular small dog, especially for families with small children. With such a little body, you’ll be surprised how much character these small guard dog breeds can add to your apartment. It’s recommended that you spend time playing with your pooch, but it’s not necessary to pour additional time into exercising them. It is; however, essential to note that these dogs are very vocal. They have a loud, pitched bark that may affect your neighbours.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of small dog breeds to choose from when looking for a dog that can suit your living conditions. If you take your pet out for regular walks, make sure that you protect your dog against ticks, flea and ear mites by using the correct treatment options. Bravecto’s Chew For Dogs provides 12 weeks of protection against ticks, fleas and mites, and Bravectoe Spot-On For Dogs provides 4 months protection against ticks and 6 months protection against fleas. Preventative health care is key to being a responsible pet parent. This includes regular deworming as well as vaccination. Speak to your vet about disease prevention and vaccinating with Nobivac’ and deworming with Quantel or Exitel Plus.

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