New Year, New Me, and no dog Fleas


Posted by bravectosouthafrica – 23 November 2017

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How Does The Flea Life Cycle Work?
Where Do Fleas Live?
How Does Bravecto® Work?
Have Fun With Your Dog This Summer
Dog Toy DIY
Bringing Home A New Pet

That’s right, it’s 2018 and a brand new year is here!

Hopefully, at this point, you’ve made your relevant resolutions, and you’re going strong. At Bravecto®, we believe that 2018 is the year of achieving your goals and wildest dreams.

So you’ve made your resolutions, but has your dog made any? Because dogs can’t articulate their goals, it’s essential for you to set out relevant ones for them. Perhaps they should exercise more, eat healthier or more importantly, live their lives tick and flea free!

There’s a reason why we make resolutions at the beginning of the year; it’s when we’re the most motivated to achieve our goals.

While it’s a New Year and the festive spirit is still lingering, ticks and fleas are also celebrating the hot weather by finding their new home on your dog.

To understand how Bravecto® works, you’ll first need to understand how the flea life cycle works.

How Does The Flea Life Cycle Work?

Adult fleas lay up to 50 eggs every day. These eggs can fall off your dog and onto different furnishings easily. The eggs hatch into larvae in as little as 1-10 days! Up to 30% of those larvae develop into adult fleas.

Larvae thrive in warm and humid conditions which is why it’s essential to use Bravecto® during South Africa’s hot summer months. Larvae feed off adult flea droppings and other organic material such as skin debris which fall from your pet.

Pupae then develop into adults inside their tiny cocoons. Pupae can stay dormant in these cocoons for long periods of time. They will emerge in response to the heat and frequent movement.

Adult flea is then born and can start feeding within 5 minutes! Female fleas can ingest 15 times their body weight and mate 4-48 hours after feeding. Adult fleas will prefer to stay on their host animal for life. This is why it’s vitally important to treat your dog with Bravecto® four times a year.

Where do Fleas live?

Did you know that ticks and fleas can be transferred into your home via your dog?

That’s correct, ticks and fleas could live under the couches, on your carpets and even in your bed! Surprisingly, only approximately 5% of a flea infestation is made up of adult fleas on your dog, whereas 95% is in your home in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae. This means that to prevent and control flea infestations, both an animal and environmental protection MUST be used. Start the year right by choosing Bravecto® to de-flea your dog, and in turn de-flea your entire house.

Much of the flea life cycle depends on proper temperatures and humidity, they need a relatively humid environment to flourish. With the harsh African sun this summer, it’s wise to start flea treatment on your dog as soon as possible. They are commonly found in carpets, on upholstered furniture or near pet bedding. If you suspect you have fleas in your yard, check in shaded spots with plenty of moisture near areas your pet enjoys.

A single Bravecto® tablet lasts up to 12 weeks, so your dog will only need four treatments annually.

We’ve made it super easy for you to know when your dog will need his next treatment.

Simply download our FREE Bravecto® App here and receive reminders throughout the year, giving your dog the joy of living a life without ticks or fleas throughout every season. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is, gone are the days of chasing down your dog to apply the treatment externally. Bravecto® is an easy to digest chewable tablet with a liver flavour, your dog might even mistake it for a treat!

How Does Bravecto® Work?

After you give your dog Bravecto®, it quickly reaches tissue fluids just under your dog’s skin. The moment ticks and fleas attach to start feeding; they make contact with bodily fluids and ingest fluralaner, the active ingredient in Bravecto®. Exposure to fluralaner paralyses the ticks and fleas and then kills them shortly after. Bravecto® starts working in just two hours. Within 12 hours of treatment, 100 % of exposed ticks and fleas are dead.

Bravecto® not only kills ticks and fleas, but also prevents flea infestations and kills common ticks for up to 12 weeks.

Yes, just one Bravecto® treatment keeps your dog tick and flea free for 12 weeks!

Whether your dog is always running outdoors playing in the garden, or chilling on the couch, Bravecto® keeps working hard for up to 12 weeks for all dogs. Bravecto® is safe for all dogs including the following:

  • Dogs as young as eight weeks old, that weigh at least 2 kg
  • Breeding dogs
  • Pregnant dogs
  • Lactating dogs
  • Dogs with the MDR 1 gene mutation (e.g. Border Collies)

Want to know a bit more?
Download Our Bravecto® Pet Owners Guide Here

Now that your dog is tick and flea free – you’re ready for summer!

Have Fun With Your Dog This Summer.

Think about all the fun waiting for your dog once he’s gotten rid of those awful ticks and fleas!

You might not know this, but sometimes dogs can feel self-conscious about their tick and flea issues. Think about it, if you had a constant itch, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable? Having to scratch a constant itch can become extremely annoying, and your dog knows this all too well. Bravecto® allows your dog to have fun without being disturbed by an irritation and the need to scratch.

Whether you’re on holiday or still on your way to relax before the busyness of the New Year kicks in, summer in South Africa is always an exciting time and is best enjoyed with your best friend by your side. Summer is also a great time to stay active with your dog.

See our recommendations for the best dog-friendly hikes and walks for some outdoor inspiration.

View our list of dog friendly Hiking and walking trails

Dog Toy DIY

January is usually a month that weighs quite heavy on the wallet, so if you’re trying to save a few pennies why not create your own fun toys to play with your dog outdoors?

These are a few easy toys you can make yourself and we do not doubt that your dog will love it!

If you’re more of a holiday type of person, and you’re almost on your way to your next adventure – it’s essential that you know exactly what to pack so that your dog has as a good of a time as you will.

Don’t forget to treat your dog to Bravecto® so that you ensure he has a great time that doesn’t include any itching!

Read our article that will give you all the information you need before you travel with your pet.

Bringing Home a New Pet

Some of the most significant moments in life include the day we met our pets for the first time, and the day we adopted them, and they came home with us.

Want to adopt a new pet? Read these guidelines first.

If you’ve given it enough thought and you’re sure you want to adopt a friend for life, you’ll probably want to start training them soon.

Puppy training is a great way to teach your dog new things and help socialise them into their new home. It’s wise to keep the notes that we’ve provided, for when he grows older, and you’re able to teach him fun new tricks.

Download the five tricks your dog needs to know and capture special moments with him!

Having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life because they share your happiness every day. To have a best friend and furry companion to walk a journey with you is a remarkable relationship that should be treasured. Remember to create some fun, relevant resolutions for your dog, always taking Bravecto® with you as their go-to tick and flea medication. 2018 will be the year of achieving new goals and bringing your furry friend along every step of the way!

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